The sequel to Old Green World has been percolating in my head for a few months, and now I’m starting to draft it. It’s called Your Green Eyes. It’s nice to have a world defined already.

This feels like “storyboarding” as much as “drafting.” In the first book, I tried to keep all the variables of structure — theme, language, plot, character — in play as I went, and tried to make my first words my best words. That led to much constipation, and I ended up re-writing it all anyway. This time, I’m focused on getting the skeleton on the page, capturing the action and flow, and letting the process move forward. It’s great when something I like gets on the page, and that happens as often as not, but if there’s some flat stuff in between, that’s no big deal. It can be smarter later.

I’m also doing sketches so that the ideas have some other media to play inside before getting trapped in language.

Sketch from Your Green Eyes. Kov, Cas, and the tow-headed ginger boy sit in front of the stew pot on the fire. The view is from the tavern. It's early summer, the evening beginning to cool.
A sketch from Your Green Eyes. Niall in the forest with the Dragon. Only Niall would have the audacity to talk to the Dragon.

So what’s happening with Old Green World? I’ll have some news about that next month.