I wrote an edited book

Today I sent back Old Green World to my fantastic editor Sandra, edits incorporated and all that. After the final copyedit, I’m ready to call it “finished,” though I’m realizing it’s also hard to say exactly when one finishes a book.

The book is a lot tighter. Editing is magic. Editing is lovely. I even have a style guide now that I can use for the next book. (I’ve started the next book.)

I’m planning to send out advance reader copies in March. The book will be available on Amazon in April or May, depending on when the cover and logistics work all finish up.

If you would like to read a free advance reader PDF in March, sign up for the email list. It’s there on the left, or on the top, or in the menu, or whatever. (Thanks a lot, responsive design.)

Maybe it’s not so hard to say when a book is finished. I think it’s finished. I did a little dance in the gym foyer today, to the tune of The Outfield’s “Your Love,” to celebrate.

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